Move from ‘Confused’ to ‘Confident’, and simplify your life with type 2 diabetes! 

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Get Smart with Type 2 Diabetes

~ 2nd Edition ~

Live Long & Live Well

When you’re living with diabetes, glucose (a sugar broken down from foods you eat), cannot get into your cells where it’s needed. Instead, this sugar will stay in your bloodstream, resulting in ‘high blood glucose levels’. This may cause you to feel very tired, emotional and generally unwell, because your cells don’t have the sugar they need to provide you with energy to keep going…

Let us teach you how to get your body working well again, so you can:

 * Have more energy 

 * Reduce the risks of serious damage to your body

 * Reduce stress and anxiety about your health

 * Move more, eat healthier and feel happier!

There’s an overwhelming amount of information available about diabetes which can create confusion and distress when searching for answers, especially when you’re not sure exactly what you need to know.

Get Smart with Type 2 Diabetes is up-to-date, practical and simply written, with all the information you need.

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You can live a long and healthy life with type 2 diabetes. Let us show you how!




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