Ebook: Sickness with Type 2 Diabetes


How to Prevent, Prepare & Have a Plan in a Pandemic!

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How to Prevent, Prepare & Have a Plan in a Pandemic!

Did you know, if you have Type 2 Diabetes and become unwell…

  • You may need to change when you monitor your blood glucose levels
  • The diabetes medications you take may need to be adjusted
  • You will need certain foods available to manage your blood glucose levels

Are you hearing conflicting information about your risk of COVID-19 if you have Type 2 diabetes?

Are you frustrated with not getting the basic answer to your questions even from ‘reputable’ websites? We know you are!

Why aren’t the experts getting the full message out to people with type 2 diabetes?

Why aren’t people told how to manage their diabetes if they become unwell?

Download our eBook and get the answers and peace of mind you need today!

Includes your answers to:

  • What is the real risk of contracting COVID-19 for people with type 2 diabetes?
  • What can I do decrease my risk of contracting COVID-19?
  • Which medications should I cease or change at this time?
  • What should I know about monitoring my blood glucose levels?
  • What do I do if I get sick?
  • What do I need to have ready?
  • Who can I call if I need help or more information?