“Who can I contact if I don’t know what to do?”

If you’re unwell, phone your GP practice.  You may be able to have a telehealth appointment.  This is a phone call or face to face on your computer or phone and are bulk billed.

Everyone with diabetes should have a

  • Sick Day Management Kit, which contains everything you may need when you get sick, including contact phone numbers of people who can help you.
  • Sick Day Management Plan. This is the plan you would prepare with your GP or Diabetes Educator and should include all the instructions on exactly what you need to do when you get sick, including which medications to increase or cease.

Having both of these will help you feel calmer and more prepared when you get sick.

When to seek medical advice:

  • You can’t keep your BG levels below 15mmols
  • You can’t keep your BG levels above 4mmols
  • Drowsy, confused, deep rapid breathing or shortness of breath
  • Chest pain
  • Can’t keep food or fluids down
  • Persistent vomiting, diarrhoea and/or stomach pain
  • Dehydration with symptoms of extreme thirst, weakness, confusion and only passing small amounts of (dark) urine
  • You don’t feel safe staying at home, even if there is someone with you

We understand it can be scary if you don’t know who to ask when you’re sick.  This is why we created Driving Diabetes where we can teach you how to be the driver of your condition.  Too many people are passengers, and don’t know what to do when issues come up.  Let’s get you in the driver’s seat. Let us know any other questions you have on our Facebook page or send us a question on the Contact Us page of our website drivingdiabetes.com.au.

Helen & Amanda

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